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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Mahatma Gandhi Proof set coin (Dandi March)- 2005 with Price details

                                2005 – 75 Years of Dandi March (1930-2005)
Rs 100,Rs 5
Mahatma Gandhi and followers marching Dandi
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  600 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 4000/-
50 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Copper nickel  , 9 grams, 23 mm 

   ü  1930 (March-12) Salt Satya Graha started as a part of Indian Independent movement .
   ü  M Gandhi led Dandi March from Sabarmati ashram am near Ahmadabad to the sea coast near village of Dandi
  ü  Till 24 day (400 kms ) march to produce salt without paying tax , all Indians joined him on the way
  ü  British people beat large no of non violent protesters.
  ü  This news coverage went world wide attention and projected british as disobedience & political justice.

  ü  This commemorative coin  remained  spiritual landmarks in Indian freedom struggle. 


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