Tuesday 25 October 2016

Do's and Dont's with Old silver coins market silver prices

10 days back i was checking the silver prices and found to be the price Rs 47000/- per kg. But now the price fell to Rs 42,000 .

             where is the Rs 5000/- gone from last 10 days??

If the market is reverse , then it is good earning for investors.

Are silver coins are traded with real time prices ?
Yes in some places like Mumbai. But most of the places there wont be much difference or flu cation or change in rate with the dealers of antiques and old coins.

King George VI coin which is being sold Rs 500/- will remain more or less until and unless there is a huge variation of prices

When to buy silver coins ?
When the silver price is low try to buy in bulk to negotiate with dealer on bulk linked to market value of silver price. As i mentioned above buy when silver price is low .

Clever idea
Keep very high target duration like 3 years and set a price to sell it. wait till you get the price and sell it . By luck if you get the price in just 10 days you are very lucky person.

If you are serious investor do not trade with silver coins and hold it for 4-5 years long term which is good safe investment too.

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