Monday 7 January 2013

Zambia collection : Currencies of Zambia


          Last September i visited Lusaka,Zambia. I have boarded Ethiopian Airlines from Ethiopia and reached Lusaka. I got a good hospitality from my client leading Pan African Bank. First time in my life holding a currency of 50000 note . Don't worry  its is not US Dollars. It is Zambian Kwacha. I stayed in Protea hotels and tied up with Arabian Nights a Pakistani 5* Restaurant slightly Indian flavor. There are some good shopping malls like Manda Hill, Arcades Mall etc. I was shocked to see 20,000 Indians in which half of them are Gujarati's for a Hindu festival. Even i found a barber for my hair cut. I watched couple of movies Burfi, English Vinglish in Levy Mall which is recently opened. There is a Bombay palace an indian restaurant which seems interesting food for indian.  Infact there is also an Indian bank called Indo-zambia bank . I found an Indian man from Bangalore who has assisted me and taken me out for weekends and his friends birthday parties.

                  Every purchase that do i cut the 00 on the price tag. One rupee is equal to 100 Zambian Kwacha(ZMK). So if i purchased a pair of scandals which costs ZMK 20000 . Movie tickets ZMK 35000 and hair cut in Indian Ceylon ZMK 30000 .

5 Rupee equivalent Zambian kwacha

5Rs equivalent Zmk back side

                   One interesting matter with Zambian Kwacha is there are no coins in circulation currencly . Mostly all are notes. From Jan 2013 all the currency notes are being seized by governament and they are knocking off 000  in their currency that means . ZMK 1000 will be now ZMK 1 which becomes Rs10 = 1 ZMK more powerful than Indian Rupee.  I have collected few notes and willing to sell in long term with good price. Any one interested can drop me your good price to

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