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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Worries or No worries for coin collectors on demonetisation

As old coins become more older and older in case of demonetization the value of them should be appreciated rather than down fall. But temporary there may be downfall but it should be recovered over the mean while .

If most of the Indians would have a collection of old coins there and then they can use it e.g King George V one rupee silver coin for price value like Rs 600/- during this demonetization.You can be ready to purchase groceries worth Rs 600/- using single coin.

But people are not

why people accept a silver or gold bars equivalent  money why not old coins of silver ???

Lack of awareness is the answer for this.

I feel there is no worries on the price drops if exists it would recover in short period of time.

Things that my worry dealers are only payments

  • Paying the money via cheque or cash 
  • Transferring to payee by online
Good things,
  • Costly coins which are high priced need to dealt only in bank accounts and every thing will be in white money.