Thursday 19 November 2015

New variable number size introduced by Govt on 100 currency notes.

New  variable number size introduced by Govt on 100 currency notes.

In my home town while buying a product in a shop found to be interesting fact the new different size of font in currency serial number.

This Rs 100 note seems to be first and then govt will roll out for Rs 500,Rs 1000 high denominations  later.

New security feature number size changes in 100 Rs note

E.g  In 100Rs note if serial is 5AF 979796 then 5AF will be same then 979 for first three and remaining number size being increased ascending order . This has been started issuing since July 2015.

So will show something as  5AF 979796.

Advantages  and  why introduced?

  • ·         More security
  • ·         To avoid forgeries

More reference in Times of India

Thursday 22 October 2015

PM Modi will also launch Gold monetization and Sovereign Gold Bond schemes : Ashok Chakra Gold coin Rs 5,Rs10 coins

PM Modi schemes

PM Modi and team has identified a solution launch Gold monetization and Sovereign Gold Bond schemes with a view to mobilize a part of 20,000 tones of idle gold lying with households and temples 

The government will launch gold monetisation, gold bond scheme and Indian gold coin scheme on November 5 to cash in on diwali gift .

Security printing and Minting Corporation of India Ltd will be minting these ASHOK CHAKRA GOLD coins. 20,000 coins of 5 gm and 30,000 coins of 10 gm would be made available 

India is a major consumer of gold. People buy the precious metal on different festivals, marriages and also for investment purpose. Infact women are the strong back bone to save Indian economy by having minimum necklaces.

The government had in September cleared the gold monetisation scheme aimed at tapping part of an estimated 20,000 tonnes of idle gold worth about Rs 5,40,000 crore into the banking system and also issuing sovereign bonds as an alternative to the precious metal.

Sovereign gold bonds will be offered in tranches and the interest would be payable in the  rupee.

Wednesday 2 September 2015

1806 to 2006 – 200 Years of STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI) Proof coin

SBI 1806 to 2006 - 200 Years Proof coin

                              1806 to  2006 – 200 Years of STATE BANK OF INDIA (SBI) Proof coin
Rs 100,Rs 5
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  1090 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 4000/-
50 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Copper nickel  , 9 grams, 23 mm 

ü  India’s most trusted and oldest commercial bank in subcontinent
ü  Do you know that SBI is operational since British India time
ü  King William coins are circulated during this period 1806
ü  RBI has 60% stake in SBI
ü  16,000 branches , 572 zonal offices, 130 overseas branches
ü  It is very prestigious for coin collector to have this proof coin which makes to feel proud of true Indian

Monday 31 August 2015

2006 Mahatma Basaveshwara Proof set Coin

2006 Proof Mahatma Basaveshwara

                                2006 – MAHATMA BASAVESHWARA
Rs 100,Rs 5
Portrait of Bhagat Singh
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  620 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 4500/-
50 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Copper nickel  , 9 grams, 23 mm 

ü  Also called as Basava /Guru Basavanna
ü  He is also called Vishwa Guru & Bhakthi Bandari
ü  His Preaching’s gives new way of life regardless of gender , belief, tradition, religion, caste, social status.

Wednesday 26 August 2015



DATE : SEP 4 to 6 ,2015 (Fri,Sat,Sun)

Venue : Kamalam Durai swamy Hall ,Coimbatore

Plan your trip to cover numismatic exhibition and site seeing places near Coimbatore like 

Wednesday 19 August 2015

International Day of Yoga- New Commemorative coins Released by PM

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has released two special commemorative coins to mark the occasion of the first International Day of Yoga on June 21, 2015.

Rs. 100 Description

Metal                    : Quaternary Alloy (Silver 50 %, Copper 40 %, Nickel 5 % & Zinc 5 %)
Weight                  : 35 gms
Diameter             : 44mm
Shape                   : Circular
Edge                      : Milled (200 Serration)


Rs 10 Description

Metal                    : Bi-Metallic Copper-nickel center in Aluminium-bronze ring
Weight                  : 7.71gm
Diameter             : 27mm
Shape                   : Circular
Edge                      : plain


Proof: Rs. 3700/-
UNC: Rs. 3010/-

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Friday 26 June 2015

New size of Numbering in Currency Notes

RBI is yet to release the new telescopic numbering in currency notes with various sizes.

Friday 19 June 2015


                                1907 to 2007 – SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH BIRTH CENTENARY COIN  (1932-2007)
Rs 100,Rs 5
Portrait of Bhagat Singh
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  1435 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 4500/-
50 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Stainless steel  , 6 grams, 23 mm 

   ü  Leader of Hindustan Republic Association
   ü  British Govt created a commission under Sir John Simon to report on the current situation in India in 1928
   ü  Indian Political parties boycotted as there was no single Indian involved in this
  ü  Lala Lajpot Rai led silent non violent Protest at Lahore on 30 Oct 1928
  ü  He was beaten by Lathis in chest and injured

  ü  Bhagath Singh escaped from Lahore with shaved bearded with violation of Sikhism inorder not to get recongised

Monday 15 June 2015


                                2007 – INDIAN AIR FORCE PLATINUM JUBILEE (1932-2007)
Rs 100,Rs 2
First fighter aircraft “Wapiti” and the latest multi role combat SU-30 MK1 in centre
Legend Platinum Jubilee of India Air Force
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  1089 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 3500/-
50 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Stainless steel  , 5.62 grams, 27 mm 

Indian air force

   ü  IAF is to secure Indian Airspace
   ü  Established on 8th Oct 1932
   ü  IAF operations with Pakistan and China are   a) Vijay – the invasion of Goa b) Operation  Meghdoot  c) Operation Catcus d) Operation poomelai
   ü  President of India servers as Commander  in Chief
   ü  With 1.7 Lakh personnel , 1700 aircraft IAF is world’s largest after US Airforce ,Russia and China

Sunday 14 June 2015



2007 First war of Independence 

                                2007 – THE FIRST WAR OF INDEPENDENCE – 150 YEARS
Rs 100,Rs 5
Representing free fighters on coins 1857-2007
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  745 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 3500/-
50 Rs
Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
10 Rs
Copper Nickel , 9 grams, 23 mm  100 serrations

  ü  This first war of Independence also called as “Great rebellion”.
  ü  This was largely symbolized by Mangal Pandey
  ü  Leaders like a) Rani Jhansi b)Ram of Thulsipur etc fought in this war against East India company
  ü  Rebels are 3 groups  a) Feudel Nobility b) Rural Landlors also taluqdars c) Peasents  
  ü  Rebellians led to dissolution of East India Company in 1857 mark as “India’s struggle as  Indepence ” coin released.
  ü  The British was forced to reorganise the army , the  financial system , administration of India.
India thereafter directly governed by the crown in new British Raj

Saturday 9 May 2015

Inspiring coins and currency collection from Venkatesh from Hyderabad



                                2007 – KHADI & VILLAGE INDUSTRIES COMMISION 50 YEARS
Rs 100,Rs 5
Gandhi with Khadi Chakra
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs 1010 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 4500/-
50 Rs
Alloy , 22.5 grams, 39mm, 180 serrations
10 Rs
Copper Nickel , 9 grams, 23 mm  100 serrations

   ü  It is an initiative by Govt for SME, Khadi Village Industries with in India seek plan to promote ,facilitate, organize and assist in the established and development of Khadi and village Industries
  ü  Advantage is this requires a little or no capital to start
  ü  Khadi & Village Industries set up are labor intensive in nature.
  ü  It focus on 3 main objectives 
Social : Providing employment in rural areas .
Economic : Promoting handi craft work sales .
Wider : Building up strong rural and community spirit.

Thursday 7 May 2015

2007 – 150th Birthday Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilak Information

 2007 – 150th Birthday Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Tilak 2007 Proof set 

                                2007 – 150th Birthday Anniversary of Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Rs 100,Rs 10
  Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs 1394 /-
Approx. Market Price
Rs 6500/-
100 Rs
Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations (SILVER)
10 Rs
Copper Nickel , 9 grams, 23 mm  100 serrations

      ü  23rd July 1856 – 1 Aug 1920
      ü  Teacher, Social reformer, freedom fighter
      ü  He is called as “Father of the Indian Unrest “.
      ü  He is named “Lokamanaya “  which means accepted by peoples leader
      ü  His famous quote “Swaraj is my birth right and I shall have it ” well remembered in India today

ü  He was strong critic of western education system, felling it demeaned the Indian students and disrespected Indian heritage .

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Global Famous Stolen Coin Collections in 2014

I am writing a few global famous theft took place in 2014 year and would like to add few more in near future.
Thought these news is an year back but this is for your information .


The Ontario Provincial Police aren't known for their coin collecting acumen, but burglary has been putting on numismatic news .

Sometime around 3: 25 PM noon on May 9,2014 in broad day light some one opened a safe sitting in the garage of home in Township of Admaston Bromley and walked away with the collection Inside.

Some coins were stored in two metallic box- type suit cases were theft worth $50,000. Those includes Olympic coins with 12 trays of 24 coins . The other held coins with various animal and insect emblems. All were Canadian currency. Then there were two large boxes, one yellow and one blue containing silver coins with various large animals pictures depicted on them . The other boxes contain silver coins

The thief might have escaped with all those coins - they must have weighted lot .But even selling coins individually or in small batches ,presents problems. OPP investigators are keeping an eye on websites like Kijiji ,eBay to see whether the coins show up for sale .

Source : Coin Treasure Magazine ,Chennai

Contributed by : N Ganesan


Staff of NSW state Library have been left distraught after up to 1$ million worth of rare Australian coins were stolen in brazen day light theft. CCTV footage of the heist , which occurred just before 4 PM (AEST) on Wednesday , has been handed to Police , who say it shows a man entering the library on Macquaria Street and approaching the glass display cabinet.

Library staff did not discover the theft until the following morning. The coins were part of rare collection . There were 15 coins on display and 12 were stolen .

The most interesting one in many years is holey dollar ,dating from the time of Governor (Lachlan) Macquarie (Governer 1810-1821) and is an example of Australian first currency . It is hard to imagine something more precious . It really was Australia's first currency. 

We see our job carrying forward for the next generations , so when some one cuts across that , it is upsetting . " Dealers had been alerted to the theft , he said. The coins were in a secure display case, on the upper level of the Mitchell Library building . Mr Byrne said they were in an secure case that was connected to an alarm ,very difficult to open and monitored by CCTC footage.  

Source : Coin Treasure Magazine ,Chennai
Contributed by : N Palaniappan Chieft Editor

Tuesday 28 April 2015

HYDERABAD COIN FAIR EXHIBITION (MAY 1- 3 2015) !! < Please share >


Dear Friend,

Hyderabad Stamps, Coins & Notes Fair – 2015

We are pleased to inform you that we are organizing “HYDERABAD STAMPS, COINS & NOTES FAIR – 2015” from May 1-3, 2015 at Heera Hall “ Sree Sindhi Guru Sangat Sabha Association 4-1-1236, King Kothi, Road, Hyderabad – 500001. (near Taj Mahal Hotel / Brand Factory Shopping mall, Abid Road).

For your information Abid Road is a very posh locality surrounded by many schools, shops, shopping malls, hotels & retaurants and is only one kilometre away from Hyderabad Railway Station. There are many budget hotels within two kilometres ranging from Rs.300/- per day to Rs.2500/- per day.
It is mentioned that this Fair earlier proposed to be held on 6-8 Feb 2015, will now be held on the days mentioned herein. This postponement was necessitated due to circumstances beyond our control. First the FAPCCI Hall, venue for the Fair was decided to be renovated so not available during the dates and then non-availability of other suitable function hall for our purpose.

Stalls will be arranged in 1st floor of Heera Hall

Stall Rent NORMAL STALL apprx. 36ft (Stall No 1 - 32; 32 Stalls)
Rs.8000.00 per stall for three days.

SPECIAL TYPE I STALL approx. 48 sft. (P1 – P6, 6 Stalls)
Rs.10000.00 per stall for three days.

SPECIAL TYPE II STALL approx. 60 sft. (S1 – S2, 2 Stalls)
Rs.13000.00 per stall for three days.

SPECIAL TYPE III STALL approx. 96 sft. (PS1 - PS2, 2 Stalls)
Rs.20000.00 per stall for three days.

(The stall rent includes Morning tea , Lunch & Evening tea for two persons per stall for all the three days)

Anyone desirous of taking more than one stall will pay proportionately, Please confirm the availability of the selected stall with the contacts given below before booking or give 2-3 preferred numbers of stalls.

Arrangement & Allotment of stalls Floor plan of the hall with placement of Special and Normal stalls is enclosed for advance booking of the desired stalls against 100% payment. Remaining stalls, if any, will be allotted by draw. Draw will be taken one day before in the evening i.e. April 30, 2015 at 5.00 pm at the venue. Dealers will be allowed to pick up draw only against full payment. However, preference will be given to those who book two or more stalls.

Fair Timings 10.00 am to 5.00 pm on all days.

Special Feature Organisers are negotiating with the leading Auctioneers for holding auction of hobby materials during the fair.

Publicity Security Adequate publicity will be done through print and electronic media.
Even though day and night guards will be deputed, it will be the sole responsibility of the stall owners to safe-guard their belongings. Management will not be held responsible for any loss of any nature.

Famous Hotels 01. New Royal Hotel, exactly opp. Hyderabad (Nampally) Railway Station. ( there are four hotels in one complex), one kilometre from venue. Range between Rs.400.00 to 500.00 for non A/c.
02. Hotel Krishna Regency – Just 1½ km from venue at Red Hills – range Rs.1000.00 to Rs.1200.00
03. Dwarka Hotel – Lakdi Ka Pul 1½ km from venue – range Rs.1000.00
04. Venkateshwara Lodge – Lakdi Ka Pul 1½ km from venue – range Rs.1000.00 +

Apart from these there are many hotels surrounding Abid Road with moderate tariffs.

Please note these tariffs were collected in advance for the benefit of the visiting guests and there may be substantial difference in the hotel tariffs by the time the Fair begins. Please check up with the respective hotels.

Other Terms 01. Stalls will be provided to transact genuine items only. If somebody is found violating the rules and dealing with fake items will have to vacate the premises and NO REFUND of rent will be given in such cases.
02. Decision of the Managing Committee of the Society on any matter will be final and binding.
03. Smoking, consumption of Alcoholic Drinks and Non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited in the Fair premises.

Stall Booking Stall booking form is enclosed.

Payment All payments may be made by Demand Draft favouring “THE HYDERABAD PHILATELIC & HOBBIES SOCIETY” payable in Hyderabad. Cash payments will also be accepted.

Contact For further details and correspondence please contact :

Sri Sunder Bahirwani
Parvati Niketan, #4, Jawahar Nagar,
Prenderghast Road,
Secunderabad – 500003.
Mobile : 0998537370
Email :

Sri Shri Prakash Agarwaal
3-4-267/10, Lingampally,
Near Kachiguda X Road,
Hyderabad – 500027.
Mobile : 09346777206
Email :

We sincerely look forward to your esteemed patronage in making this event a grand success.

Thanking you,

Your’s sincerely,
For The Hyderabad Philatelic & Hobbies Society
Shri Prakash Agarwaal
Vice President

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