Saturday 30 July 2016

Where can you find old coins cheap in Hyderabad ?

Every one in numismatics want to collect some coins and preserve the Indian heritage .Its is good habit to educate the children to know importance of collecting numismatics.If you give Children a habit of collecting they may start collecting and may not forget for life time.
 Indian style is to find some thing in better price than the compete tiers deal with .

So where do you get coins for cheap in Hyderbad ? Its near Charminar

You can find a very small roadside or small shops selling coins for cheaper. But be careful with coins like ram, sita etc godess they are just temple tokens not the coins. You may get bigger size for Rs 100- Rs300

 There are quite a lot of varieties of coins to collect and start in cheaper rate. Better way is to bargain half of the price or less at your choice . I suggest to buy some coins and make an Album and research in net or our website about the coin and paste the description of the coin along with the album

Ofcourse you can definitely find better ways to resale the coins to other fellow collectors. Silver coins are like double edged sword where you can resale if the silver price of the coins shoots up.

Lets make some stats that i have researched personally . June 2016 the price of the silver per kg is Rs 38,000 but after a month i.e July 2016 the price of the silver shooted upto Rs 47,000 . Suppose if you have purchased the silver coin at cost  of Rs  40,000 and found a time with a better price you can resale to dealers (see the list of dealer in our site ) .Now your investments are very clever and you can get better return on investment. So be careful risk is also involved if the price comes down.

You can get some Charminar silver coins near Charminar but be careful to authenticate if it is orignal or not.

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