Sunday 15 May 2016

2003 Year Proof Set coin – 150 Years of Glorious

                              2003 – 150 Years of Glorious
Rs 100,Rs 2
Elephant showing the lantern (light) as in olden days .
Issue Price (Face value)
Rs  800
Approx. Market Price
Rs  2520
100 Rs
Quaternary Alloy , 35 grams, 44mm, 200 serrations
2 Rs
Copper nickel  , 6 grams 

    ü  Indian railways with largest employee base in the world
    ü  Indian railways started in India 1853.
ü  By Independence year 1947 there were 42 rails systems.
ü  In 1951, the systems were nationalized as one unit, becoming.
ü  one of the largest networks in the world.
ü  Indian Railways has more than 64,215 kms of track and 7083 stations.
ü  It is the worlds 4th largest railway network after US, Russia, China.
ü  It has close the 240000 freight wagons, 60,000 coaches and 9000 locomotives.

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