Saturday 13 April 2013

Feather arts and Paintings

For a change i would like to post on feather paintings.

i have seen in internet some good feather paintings in some website . I would like to show you in my blog  . I used to thank the artist million times  when ever i go through this pics . 

But i am not sure they are paintings or graphic images. I hope feather paintings are just gallery not the real/original feathers.

Wednesday 10 April 2013

2 Rupees Full Serial Bundle Red tigers on back side Manmohan singh signature

In 1982,our Prime minister Manmohan singh he was appointed Governor of the Reserve Bank of India . 

This Full old currency bundle is kept in our collection from that date. We have only one in our collection . If you are interested for the best deal you can mail us .Deal price starts from Rs 3500/-.

2 Rupees Full Serial Bundle

2 Rupees Full bundle

Red tiger bundle notes

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