Saturday 24 August 2013

Highest Denomination Indian Currency 1954 Year 10,000 Rupee Note

Price of 10 thousand Rupees market value approximately

  •  1st April 1954 B.Rama Rau    rare
  •  Prefix (A-Bombay) (H-calcutta)  rare
  •  H.V.R Iyengar  Prefix (A-Bombay Rs 20,000) (Q-MadrasRs 30,000)(x-NewDelhi Rs30,000)
  • L.K JHA  rare
  * rare coins - rare coins will be demanded based on the sellers decision

To curb black money ,the Government of India discontinued the printing of higher denomination currency notes like 1000/-,5000/-,10000/- and stopped from 15 th January 1978. But From Oct 2000 again released 1000 rupee notes.

Rama Rau signature Rs 10,000 Note Example Note

Great people will have the hobby of collecting these notes. If any one holds these notes please write in below comments. 

Thursday 15 August 2013

Looking for Single Big Buyer

The person wants to sell his entire collection to one single person. No question of breaking the collection and selling to different persons.The collection comprises of many rare,foreign coins and currencies worth approx 70 Lakh Rupees.

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