Thursday 19 November 2015

New variable number size introduced by Govt on 100 currency notes.

New  variable number size introduced by Govt on 100 currency notes.

In my home town while buying a product in a shop found to be interesting fact the new different size of font in currency serial number.

This Rs 100 note seems to be first and then govt will roll out for Rs 500,Rs 1000 high denominations  later.

New security feature number size changes in 100 Rs note

E.g  In 100Rs note if serial is 5AF 979796 then 5AF will be same then 979 for first three and remaining number size being increased ascending order . This has been started issuing since July 2015.

So will show something as  5AF 979796.

Advantages  and  why introduced?

  • ·         More security
  • ·         To avoid forgeries

More reference in Times of India


  1. How effective this new step would be something we may have to wait and watch!
    Will it solve the problem of
    Black money?

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