Sunday 19 November 2017

90 Gold coins of India temple tokens and Medals - Page 8

81. National Trading company Venu gopal temple token (INDIA)

Year 1908, Carats 22

 82. Gold Jaya lakshmi temple token (INDIA)

Year 1917, carats 22

 83. Gold Jaya lakshmi temple token (INDIA)

Year 1912,Carats 22, Weight 14.87 grams

  84. Victoria prize medals

Year 1923, Carats 22

  85. Prize medals 10 

Year 1915, carats 22

86. Prize medals 1916 year

Year 1916, Carets 22,Weight 7.1 grams

87. Prize medals (unknown to

Carats 22

88. Indian Prize medals 1917

Year 1917, Carats 22

89. Another Indian Prize medal "TRUST IN GOD" caption

Carats 22, Weight 12 grams

91. Pendents used by Muslims during ancient period

carat 21, weight 2.5 grams

92. Austria ancient period

carat 23,weight 35 grams.


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