Thursday 23 February 2017

Old 5 Rs to Latest 500 Rs misprint error Currencies

Old currencies semi rare currencies that are having error as below are valued more in the market became of the double benefits like old currency and its error which is highly impossible.

5 Rupee Old Error currency

King george currency misprint

King George error note

It has been known from long that errors are govt printing mistakes some how given to collectors instead of scrapping them

500 Rs Error currency

500 Rs misprint

Find below the First look 500 latest currency mistakes.. As it is latest may not be given price much


  1. I have 50 Rupees Note having picture of King George V and signed by H. Deaning. It has two printing error and has no. 000049.It is offered for sale. Interested buyer may please contact me at whatsapp no 9199533956

  2. I have one 5 rs.old note with 4 deers. Gaverner S.Jagannadan.


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