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12 Facts on old currencies that every one doesn't know

           12 Unknown facts on old coins and currencies

1. In starting of 20th century  Aden,Oman, Kuwait , Bahrain, Qatar, Trushial States, Kenya, Uganda, Mauritius used our Indian currency. 

2. During the independence time the price of $ is almost same with Rupee.  

1947     1$ almost equal to 1 Rupee
Now      1$ = 66 Rs approx

3. It takes around Rs 6.10 to mint the 10 Rupees coin .

4. In 2007 there was a heavy shortage of Kolkata due to illegal movement to Bangladesh for manufacturing blades.  For a one rupee coin they can make Rs35 worth seven fine quality blades. 
At that time few people and few small business men used to take money from beggars with more value for one rupee.

5. As per legal tender, RBI can mint only  maximum denomination of Rs 10,000 not more than that.It can mint lower denomination like Rs 1000 any number of notes.

6. India has highest denomination Rs 10,000 note was in circulation between 1938 to 1946 . Later in 1978 these were demonetized.

7. Till 1947   1 Rupee = 64 Paise later in 1957 they divided and made it into 100 Paisa for a Rupee.

8. Paper currency was first started in 18th century. India and China are the first countries in the world to use coins . 

These paper currency notes were first minted by private banks Bank of Hindustan, Bank of Bengal, Bank of Bombay, Bank of Madras

9. After Pakistan separated from India till the currency was established , Pakistan used currency of India from RBI with stamp "Government of Pakistan".

10. Every currency denomination has an unique symbol with little bubble. when you roll your hand on these symbols you can feel a bubble which can easily identify at dark. 

     2000 Rs - Rectangle 
       100 Rs - Triangle 
         50 Rs -  Square
         20 Rs -  Vertical Rectangle 

symbols for currency

The cross lines at the right and left side are for blind people to identify . 100 Rs has four lines .2000 Rs has seven lines.

11. The Indian  currency is made from cotton not from Paper just like semi cloth . Hopefully almost  every one are eagerly waiting for plastic notes to come .

12. All the notes are released by RBI except one rupee note which is released by Indian Government because of it 1 Re note has finance secretary signature.                                      

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