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British India old coin engravers (coin designers)

Do you know meaning of Engrave ? Design a print on the surface

Around year 1833 where Queen Victoria coins are designed by William wyon .

Few others are

1) Kasinath Dass (1 Rupee silver coin, quarter anna)

  • His skills were impressed by minting committee and appointed him Die cutter and copper plate engraver
  • His salary was fixed at Rs 300 a month
  • He has primarily done for 1 Rupee silver Queen victoria, quarter anna

2) Robert saunders  and Flaxman (1,2 Mohur coins)

  •  Incuse F stands for his work

3) William wyon (Queen victoria,King william coins )
  • Highly rated and skilled ,impressed by most of the people
  • 1861 to 1851 period
  • He has done portrait representations of not only queen victoria, but also George 1V,William IV
  • Leonard Charles Wyon is son of William wyon who continued to work after his retirement.
  • Infact victoria queen made sittings with him to design her portrait .
4) George William De Saulles (King Edward coins)
  • After Leonard charles death, Wyon De Saulles 
  • He married in June 1884 to Myra Hill but had no children
  • He is special in Medal works between 1894 -1903 year with 30 medals
  • He has signatureas 'DES' .on coins and medal
5) A.P Spencer ( George VI)
  • Calcutta Mint engraver
  • George V coin was prepared by Mr. Percy Brown and he adopted 
  • He prepared designs for 2 Annas, 1 Anna, 1/2 Anna coin of copper nickel

But today i guess every thing is automated with advanced machinery and its a cake walk to print on new edition coins.


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