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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

10 Rupee note that doesn't fit in our wallets Pc Bhattacharya signature

      1963,1964's 10 Rupee Notes are famous for its size.  I don't know and need to ask my father is there any bigger wallets at that time to hold such a big size currency notes. I was just going through the currency notes of Rs 10 and feeling the same that how can they hold such type of big notes and do daily transactions like buying dosa and paying for bus conductor ticket etc.  As we know US dollar notes are more portable that indian notes in holding because of its compact dimensions.

10 Rupee big note of Pc bhattacharya

10 Rupee ship note
It's nice to hold few of them in your collection as this notes looks odds among all the 10 Rupee notes across the decades.

Even there are chances that these notes would become more costlier in near feature . As collectors are now bidding them for high bids.

The name of the denomination is written in 13 languages . Pc Bhattacharya .

Can anyone comment below why there are ships in this currency notes and what is the theme of this notes??  Please comment below


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