Thursday, 3 May 2012


100 Years of Civil Aviation in India

100 Years of Civil Aviation in India and 100 Years of Indian Council of Medical research Commemarative coins. I found this notification banner from  I thought of sharing to all Numismatists.
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All the silver coins can be kept for long term collection and the Price shoots up with 5% as soon as the coins are released in market

Why the people hesitate to book the government mints online?

     As the government releases the price quotation of the coins ,there are lot of feedback in the forums received as the government is delaying to dispatch by more than 8 months. So people loose the interest on the coin that early they wait for . I remember "Strike the Iron when it is heat" . So the most enthusiastically waited coins loose hopes and people started to turn up purchasing the released sets to dealers with as high as 5%.Share this in Face book or Email this to Numismatists using below F Button and Email Button


  1. sir website detail for coin booking

  2. Viji Saravanakumar

    I have the collection of old coins In 17th & 18th century coins. i want to sell. plz contact 9791598398,

  3. How many you have....and what are their prices.

    Pl let me know

  4. Hai this is ramaraj i have some coin if you wand sms me 9788921233


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