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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Queen Victoria ONE RUPEE Silver of 1877 Coin

ONE RUPEE Queen Victoria silver 1877 Year

Queen victoria one rupee silver Xtra fine condition

Same Queen Victoria minted on coins (Digitalised photo)

Silver coin of Queen Victoria 18 th Century ONE Rupee Silver coin
                                                               Queen Vicotoria Wedding
Rs 2000/-


  1. I am interested in the above coin. Please let me know the mint and the price.

    Sekhar Kausik., 91-8826266299

    1. Mr. Kausik,
      I', ,manoj from coimbatore, tamilnadu..... I own 30 no's of ancient coins from 1862 ( Half Anna ) to 1970's collections.... Would you like to have an idea about getting it... Please then contact me by 09842249351.... Thanks

  2. hi, there i have some silver 18th century coins of queen Victoria there any anyone interested to buy them ..let me know contact no is 09050198211

  3. Hai, I own Ancient coins from 1862 to 1970's collections of about 30 no's from different era's ( from Geroge IV , Queen Victoria to Pre & Post Independence coins.... if anybody interested please let me know and contact by 09842249351.... Thanking you

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  7. i have one rupee note of year 1935.anybody interested pl contact 9417568606

  8. Hey I have 1 Rupees Rani Victoria silver coin(1860), 5 rs Indra Gandhi coin(1917-1984), 2*1rs Coin (1981)......

    Can anyone tell me how much is cost of these coins....

    Contact no-8757026971

  9. I have two indian coin of 1877 & 1920. if any one want to buy it plz contact on 7071561545

  10. i have victoria coin 1877
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